Electrolysis Hair Removal System

There are two ways to utilize a Electrolysis Hair Removal System. Firstly you could go to a professional, make and attend appointments to have electrolysis done to help reduce and get rid of unwanted hair growth and secondly you could buy a home electrolysis kit and do it yourself.

How Do Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems work?

Electrolysis is usually thought to be when a fine needle is inserted next the the hair shaft to just under the skin where the hair follicle produces the hair. Once the needle is in place a small electrical current is sent down the needle to shock the hair root to damage and eventually destroy it. However, there are three types of electrolysis: galvanic, thermolysis and blend.


The galvanic type is the original electrolysis method or type. An electrical current by the use of a fine needle or similar apparatus is directly applied to the hair root chemically changing the salt and water surrounding the hair follicle.This damages the hair root and stops it from producing hair. Any area may need to be treated a number of times to get the desired results. Galvanic electrolysis hair removal can be painful because it involves inserting a fine needle or in to the skin on top of or very near to the growing hair.


Thermolysis is the most commonly used electrolysis in the home as most home electrolysis kits are based on this technology. Thermolysis is also known as radio or high-frequency hair removal. This is usually appiled by using a tweezer tool to hold each individual hair then alternating current types to provide heat in the follicle. The hair follicle normally has a regulated temperature by normal body temperature.

Alterations and cyclic changes in temperature (from warm to hot) in and around the follicle damage the hair root. The damage caused to the hair follicle will over time will make it unable to continue to produce strong, healthy hair. This method made need to be repeated several times on each hair to actually kill the hair root or cause enough damage so it stops producing hair at all. This method usually does not cause pain and you may notice a slight tingling sensation.

Blend Electrolysis.

The final method of electrolysis is a combination of the direct and alternating current, a combination of both galvanic and thermolysis methods. The blend type enables both the use of a current to to change the chemical composition of the water and salt surrounding the hair follicle and also add the heat to further damage the hair follicle.

The Science of Hair Growth.

The reason why you will need several application of electrolysis treatments to effectively reduce hair growth is because of the science of hair and the way it grows. Hair grows in different stages, growing, resting and shedding. Electrolysis treatments are usually most effective in the resting stage when the hair has just reached it’s full length and is in a domant stage. Because your body or facial hair does not grow uniformly and different hairs may be in different stages at any one time, several electrolysis treatments will be needed to gain effective results.

The Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems.

It is generally believed throughout the beauty industry that electrolysis has the most consistent overall results when compared with other methods of permanent hair removal. It can dramatically reduce and in many cases permanently irradicate unwanted hair growth.

Electrolysis can be used for any skin and hair colour, type or texture. Unlike some other methods of permanent hair removal, electrolysis can be effective for most people. Laser hair removal works best on fair skin types combined with dark colored hair because the laser technology targets the pigmentation of hair.

Electrolysis hair removal systems work by treating the hair follicle and the color and type of hair and skin have nothing to do with it’s overall effectiveness. People who have been told that they are not suited to laser hair removal can be good candiadates for electrolysis.

The Pitfalls of Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems.

Damaged or bent follicles can make electrolysis hair removal difficult. Other hair removal methods used previously such as waxing or plucking with tweezers can leave the hair follicle curved or otherwise damaged. Is can make it difficult to get a fine fillament or electrolysis needle down the hair shaft to initiate the treatment.

You will need several treatments to get the results you are looking for. You may possibly need 15 to 30 appointments to gain effective permanent hair removal and you will have to be committed to attending all appointments as scheduled to take full advantage of the natural hair growth cycle. 

Electrolysis when done by a professional can be expensive. Each appointment can cost up wards of $50.00. The other alternative is to buy a home elecrolysis kit which can cost anywhere from $30.00 to ten times that much. The main drawbacks with buying a kit and doing it yourself is time factor, it will take you time to learn how to use it properly and  much more time to actually treat the individual hairs. There is also the difficulty of reaching difficult areas that you can not get to on your own.

The tweezer application of home electrolysis kits can call for each hair to be held and treated for 30 to 60 seconds. This is fine when treating only individual hair problems but for larger areas such as legs you will need plenty of patience.

There are many different types of permanent hair removal and it is best to be fully informed about your options, however there are good reasons to choose a Electrolysis Hair Removal System.

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